Wednesday, May 6, 2015


harini hari lahir ai. 

dapat wish pertama mesti dari parents. 
babu jah, Yun, Yan, Kira, Fanie. 

birthday ai tapi orang lain yang dapat hadiah. 
dan am okay. 

first celebration was back on muadz's birthday. 
then, tadi with babu Ijah and Ummy. 
next with same person above plus kak tini's mini family. 

before tu third celebration, sempat main bowling. 
babu sal dan babu Ijah belanja. 
dan kepandaian bermain tu macam ada dan tiada.,, 
kah kah kah. 

An older me should be a wiser me. 

hates the feeling of being compare to someone, something. 
I am me. 
I'll never become someone else. 

if you are seeing someone, got social network and had ex in it, pretty please make sure you get rid of her. 
don't let her trace can be track.
your lovey dovey thing was past, and the present is the current. 


. :END:. 

~silence is the best thing to do ~

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selepas setahun ai komen. haha.

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