Monday, June 1, 2015

~ wishlist ~

assalamualaikum and hi. 

every year I'll come with a list of my wish during my birthday. 
2 or 3 years back, I didn't wrote here. 
instead, I wrote on Twitter. 
it's simply because am to lazy. 

so, this list come a month late. 
just because it kept in the draft and I forgot to post it here. 

28th wishlist. 

  1. Alhamdulillah, currently am seeing someone and InsyaAllah I hope the best for us. Yes, am seeing a person to be a husband. Not only a so called bf anymore. It's a long journey to be like this. Ily MZ. :) 
  2. As for the gadget or phone, kind of not interested anymore. If I can contact my loved ones, it's enough. Oh, and currently am using xiaomi Mi3. It's had been almost 8 months. Love the camera!  😁
  3. Laptop. Still bear with the pink one. Even though am always complaints about the keyboard, lag and etc, but I'll have it until it broken down. Hope my lappy will bear with me for another 5 years?  
  4. Mya's birthday. I had to go back to kl and didn't had a chance to celebrate with her. But, my birthday was celebrated with Muadz. A week in advanced. 
  5. Car. This one I had to set my entire life that I'll not get a car unless I got a job and buy it for myself. Nevermind, it's not so important. There are lots of public transport. Deh. 
  6. Oh yes!  Currently am in KL. But, it's still hard to meet my friends. Especially when everyone had their commitment and families. Never mind, we will make it happen. Maybe in someone's wedding? 
  7. Always pray for the happiness of myself and family. 
  8. Now I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews. Only Muadzam still the baby one. Wait for damoi to go back home. Let's go to Imago! :) 
  9. Am in third semester. I really hope this one will be flying with colours. Only one semester to finish it. After project finish, it's done. And, maybe the next step?  To be a house wife with knowledge. Amin. 
  10. Lastly, I hope for a better future. InsyaAllah with you. May Allah ease it. 
That's all. 
Till then




~am happy~

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Syizah Basri said...

aamiin... in shaa Allah... smg d permudahkan segalanya~~~

~miszirdawaty~ said...

Laju. Haha

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